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You may have heard the expression “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and going to your primary care physician for a wellness exam or checkup is one of the most important steps you can take to preventing disease and staying healthy. At Behm Family Practice in Wexford, Pennsylvania, board-certified family medicine doctor John Behm, MD, provides wellness exams to children and adults at every stage of life with your unique health needs in mind. To schedule an appointment, call or click today.

Wellness Exam Q & A

What is the purpose of a wellness exam?

Though you may go to specialists for chronic conditions, or visit Behm Family Practice when you’re sick, regular wellness exams with a primary care provider like Dr. Behm help you monitor your overall health. This big picture understanding of your health can keep you feeling your best in the long term.

Even if you’re in good health, or believe you’re fully managing your chronic conditions, wellness exams will help Dr. Behm find any potential issues and risks before they develop into full-blown health problems.

Dr. Behm is happy to serve as the “home base” for your healthcare. With regular wellness exams, he becomes the medical provider who knows you best and can help coordinate your treatment. He helps you track how your conditions affect your whole body, matches you to doctors who fit your needs and personality, and works closely with any specialists.

How often should I get a wellness exam?

The phrase “annual checkup” may sound familiar to you, but it doesn’t accurately describe how often you should get a wellness exam. All adults age 50 and older should get annual exams, but if you’re younger, you may only need wellness exams every two to three years.

Because monitoring and prevention are among the main purposes of a wellness exam, Dr. Behm may recommend more frequent exams more often if you’re at an elevated risk for developing certain conditions.

How can I prepare for my wellness exam?

Dr. Behm takes the time to have an in-depth conversation with every patient during wellness exams. Your treatment will largely be based on your input, so the best way to prepare for your wellness exam is to have relevant information about your health ready, as well as any questions you might have. Going to the doctor can be stressful, and you may forget, so be sure to have at the ready:

  • Your family’s medical history, including diseases, chronic conditions, and medications they’ve taken for those conditions
  • Changes in your health since your last exam, even if they haven’t been diagnosed and you feel different
  • Any prescription and over-the-counter medications or supplements you’re taking daily or on a regular basis, including their dosages
  • Your diet and exercise habits
  • Any diagnosed chronic health concerns or risks
  • An honest idea of how often you smoke, drink alcohol, or use drugs
  • Your sexual health
  • Any questions you have for Dr. Behm

To schedule a wellness exam at Behm Family Practice, call or click today.

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