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Trying different prescription medications can feel like a lot of trial and error, between the potential for side effects and uncertainty about whether a drug will help with your condition. At Behm Family Practice in Wexford, Pennsylvania, board-certified family medicine doctor John Behm, MD, provides pharmacogenomic testing to remove some of the guesswork and help you choose medications that work for you. To learn more about pharmacogenomic testing, call or use the online booking tool today.

Pharmacogenomic Testing Q & A

What is pharmacogenomic testing?

Pharmacogenomic testing, also known as drug gene-testing, predicts how you’ll respond to medications. It includes how well a drug will work to treat your condition, the dose you’ll need based on your metabolism, and the likelihood you’ll experience serious side effects. Not everyone responds to a medication the same way, and often, our genes play a role.

Dr. Behm offers pharmacogenomic testing to treat you more effectively. You may have gone through periods when you sampled a series of medications at various doses, but they didn’t help, the side effects were too much to handle, or both. Not only is this process frustrating and unpleasant, but it means you’re spending time battling with inappropriate medications when you could be feeling better.

With pharmacogenomic testing, Dr. Behm can help you choose a medication that’s right for you without having to try the wrong ones first.

What are the benefits of taking a pharmacogenomic test?

Each pharmacogenomic test predicts your response to a specific medication. When you take a pharmacogenomic test before beginning drug treatment, you’ll be able to use the results for the rest of your life. That’s because your genes stay the same over time, so both now and in the future, you’ll be informed about which drugs are effective for you and which you should avoid.

Pharmacogenomic tests can also benefit your family members. As you likely know, certain conditions run in families—and so do responses to medications, as pharmacogenomic testing can reveal. If a condition runs in your family, your family members can be extra prepared by going into treatment with an idea of which medications are likely to work.

What can I expect from a pharmacogenomic test?

You’ll take one pharmacogenomic test for each medication Dr. Behm is considering for your treatment. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t advanced to the point that a single test can predict your responses to all, or even multiple, medications. However, the process is thankfully quick, simple, and noninvasive.

First, Dr. Behm takes a small sample of your saliva, which contains your DNA. He then sends the sample to a lab, which should have the results ready within about a week. Based on your results, he recommends an optimal medication for your condition that fits your genetic makeup.

To find out how pharmacogenomic testing can help you find the right medication sooner, call or use the online booking tool today.

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