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“Kids aren’t just small adults,” goes the pediatric motto, and it’s true. Your child’s medical needs are unique and can change as quickly as he or she grows. Thankfully, at Behm Family Practice in Wexford, Pennsylvania, board-certified family medicine doctor John Behm, MD, is here to help your child grow up healthy and to support you through the challenges of parenting. To book a checkup or sick visit for your child, call or use the online booking tool.

Pediatrics Q & A

What is a well-child visit?

A well-child visit basically means a pediatric checkup. Dr. Behm uses well-child visits to take a look at your child’s physical, behavioral, developmental, and emotional health and make sure your child is reaching important milestones for his or her age. He gives your child a full physical exam and any scheduled vaccines, checks their growth and development (including any sign of developmental delays), and screens for hearing and vision problems.

Dr. Behm strives to be a resource for you as a parent, so you should feel free to ask him questions or raise any concerns about your child’s health or development. He’s happy to give you advice on a range of parenting topics, including safety, education, family relationships, friendships, and changes to expect as your child grows.  

How can I help my child feel comfortable at the doctor’s office?

Children, especially young children, are often scared to go to the doctor. You can help put your child at ease if you help them understand why they’re visiting Dr. Behm and what to expect.

If you’re taking your child for a well-child visit, explain that every child goes to the doctor and that Dr. Behm will make sure they’re healthy and growing, and will answer any questions they have. Tell them what will happen during the appointment. Explain the experience of a checkup in gentle, age-appropriate language, like “hugging your arm” for a blood pressure test.

Your child may be especially scared to get a shot, but you can help calm them and build trust in Dr. Behm (as well as medical providers in general) if they know in advance. Make sure you’re aware of your child’s immunization schedule, so you can tell them if they’ll be getting a shot or shots. Be honest that it’ll hurt, but the pain will go away quickly, and they’ll get a bandage.  

When you take your child in for a sick visit, they may feel being sick is their fault and be afraid of what’ll happen during their treatment. Assure them that many kids get the same illness, and if your child has any relatives or friends who have been through the same thing, it’ll be helpful to mention them. Explain that Dr. Behm can figure out what’s wrong and help them feel better soon.  

When do I need to take my child to the doctor?

Dr. Behm will give you a schedule of well-child visits. Your child should meet him for the first time three to five days after being born, then again after one month. Then, return every few months (Dr. Behm will tell you exactly when). Starting at age three, your child needs a checkup once a year.

If your child is sick and you aren’t sure what to do, call Behm Family Practice, and Dr. Behm or a member of his staff will tell promptly respond to tell you if you should come in, treat your child at home, or go to the emergency room. With time, you’ll often be able to figure out the best way to treat your sick child.

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